Thursday, May 6, 2010

Finders Keepers

On Monday, Sharon and I went to the frisbee park, near Griggs Reservoir. It's one of my favorite places to go. One time, I chased a duck into the river! Sharon was all impressed because she though that I was afraid of the water. Silly, I'm not afraid! I just need the proper motivation to get all wet and bothered. Ducks are good motivation.

Monday was another good visit. I found a really large turtle in the trees by the water. I was so proud to show it to Sharon. But she told me it was dead. I didn't see any problems with that. But Sharon made me walk away from it! Man, she doesn't know what's good! But no worries; I then found a really big fish bone. Still, I couldn't keep this one either.

Finding these treasures reminds me of the other things I've found on my adventures with Dave and Sharon. Since Sharon was so impressed with my poetry skills from last night, I decided to share my stories in hiaku. So, here are tales of my hunting prowess and other encounters with wildlife:

Dead turtle in woods
Ran head held high with my prize
Must "drop it", so sad ...

Bare fish bone on bank
Reconciliation prize
Still can't have, why not?

Warm deer guts I found
Early Christmas Eve presents
Green poop for Sharon

Buddy, Bella, Me
Three fast strong weimaraners
Groundhog stood no chance!

My arch-nemesis
This squirrel no match for me
Good huntress I am!

Dark grey mouse at night
Lightening speed to kill and eat
Shh! Sharon knows not!

Splish splash in water
See Sharon, I swim so well!
Only to chase ducks

Buzz buzz, bees are bad!
They sting! Big welts! Hurt alot!
Annie does not like!!!

Look, Annie come here!
Sniff, sniff; it's a frog; paw, paw
Oh no, stopped moving!

Just like ancestors
I chase deer far and away
Too fast! I give up ...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Night Running

I went running tonight after dark. The first time in a week and a half - I've just been sitting around getting fat! The last time was in the middle of the day when it was HOT but tonight was fairly cool. I still panted a lot when we got back to the car so Dave would turn the AC on and blast it my way...

I get my best ideas for poetry while running. My preferred form is haiku; no doggerel for me! I polish them in between naps during the day. Some samples:

cool night running free
soft sound of paws in the dark
nails counting clicks

the geese call softly
then fly as I run closer
they don't wish to meet

scents waft on breezes
warm gifts for my nose to find
nothing is hidden

Monday, May 3, 2010


I don't like rain.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


Sharon says I'm picky. I think Sharon just doesn't know what's good.

You see, every night, we do the same thing. It starts after we get back from our walk. Sharon or Dave feed me my dinner. I love dinner! It's always starts with a bowl of crunchy tasty food mixed with soft tasty food. Then I get second dinner. Sharon says I should be a Hobbit. But I don't understand what this means. Is that a kind of dog?

Second dinner is a crunchy biscuit with peanut butter and something round shaped on top that's not nearly as tasty as the peanut butter or the biscuit. Sharon says the round thing is a pill, and that it is good for me. If that's the case, then the peanut butter and biscuit must be even better for me since they are much tastier! I think they should skip the pill and just feed me the peanut butter and biscuit.

Third dinner is a pork hide with tasty treat inside. I love third dinner! It's my favorite part of dinner, along with first and second dinner. It doesn't take me very long before I'm ready for fourth dinner.

Fourth dinner is a rawhide. That's where we disagree. At first, Sharon would just hand me rawhides. They were good rawhides. Sharon was a lot smarter then. Now all the ones she gives me are just wrong. They just don't smell right. She even tries to place a bunch of them on the ground for me to pick from. But putting a bunch of wrong ones one the ground together doesn't make them smell better. Even I know that.

I don't want her to feel bad so I pretend to be interested. I'll sniff at them, paw at few, and even fake chew one or two. But they are just wrong. Sharon has no sense of smell. After all, she prefers that stinky soap that she washes me in instead of goose poop! Who doesn't like goose poop? It's both great to eat AND to wear!! Like I said, humans are weird.

So tonight the rawhide selection wasn't very good. But then I gave her the EYES and she went downstairs and came back with some good ones. I knew she was holding back on me! Maybe she's becoming smart again. I picked a good one that smelled right. I think Sharon just guesses. But I can't blame her since she doesn't have a very big nose. Although she could certainly learn to use it better!