Saturday, May 1, 2010


Sharon says I'm picky. I think Sharon just doesn't know what's good.

You see, every night, we do the same thing. It starts after we get back from our walk. Sharon or Dave feed me my dinner. I love dinner! It's always starts with a bowl of crunchy tasty food mixed with soft tasty food. Then I get second dinner. Sharon says I should be a Hobbit. But I don't understand what this means. Is that a kind of dog?

Second dinner is a crunchy biscuit with peanut butter and something round shaped on top that's not nearly as tasty as the peanut butter or the biscuit. Sharon says the round thing is a pill, and that it is good for me. If that's the case, then the peanut butter and biscuit must be even better for me since they are much tastier! I think they should skip the pill and just feed me the peanut butter and biscuit.

Third dinner is a pork hide with tasty treat inside. I love third dinner! It's my favorite part of dinner, along with first and second dinner. It doesn't take me very long before I'm ready for fourth dinner.

Fourth dinner is a rawhide. That's where we disagree. At first, Sharon would just hand me rawhides. They were good rawhides. Sharon was a lot smarter then. Now all the ones she gives me are just wrong. They just don't smell right. She even tries to place a bunch of them on the ground for me to pick from. But putting a bunch of wrong ones one the ground together doesn't make them smell better. Even I know that.

I don't want her to feel bad so I pretend to be interested. I'll sniff at them, paw at few, and even fake chew one or two. But they are just wrong. Sharon has no sense of smell. After all, she prefers that stinky soap that she washes me in instead of goose poop! Who doesn't like goose poop? It's both great to eat AND to wear!! Like I said, humans are weird.

So tonight the rawhide selection wasn't very good. But then I gave her the EYES and she went downstairs and came back with some good ones. I knew she was holding back on me! Maybe she's becoming smart again. I picked a good one that smelled right. I think Sharon just guesses. But I can't blame her since she doesn't have a very big nose. Although she could certainly learn to use it better!


  1. What are the good ones? We are happy to get rawhides we get the dental ones from Sam's club and don't get them very often.

    Also...are you coming to the Weim meet up? June 19th at Alum Creek park again at 2 pm. More info on WeimAddict

  2. I sometimes get the rawhides from Sam's Club, other times from Meijer. I'm not sure which ones come from where. Sometimes the rawhides smell like paint (like the basement), sometimes the rawhides don't peel right. You would think Sharon would have figured out the good ones by now. Oh well.

    I would like to make it to the get together, but Sharon is going to be away that day. But Dave might take me. I'll give him the EYES. But they don't work as well on him.


    Tell Sharon and Dave to try getting raw hides and chews from this site. They have American made rawhide which is important bc some of the stuff made in other countries (easier to find) is made w chemicals you really don't want to ingest. They can even have their purchase tagged to have the company make a donation to a rescue group. My mom has them do vizsla rescue but I'm sure they have something for the gray dogs....Roady