Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Waiting in the Woods

Waiting in the Woods
Wondering why we are Here
Look! there's my Sharon!

Another Saturday in the woods. I'm told that Sharon was running a 50K race on the Laurel Highlands trail in Pennsylvania. All I know was it was a long ride (and nap) in the car. No camping and snuggling, but I did get my own bed in the motel.

Saturday morning we stood around in the street with other people and I get many pats from new friends. Then Sharon goes running off with half of them and without ME! Sigh - I like running. But then Dave drives me to a nice trail (more people and pats!) and we go for a run. It's hot in the woods and so am I, but the stream is too cold to sit in. Then we see Sharon! She looks hot and sweaty and doesn't share the snacks from the table. Then she runs off without me AGAIN! Sigh... This repeats a couple times and she looks hotter and grumpier each time. Finally, I get tired of waiting for her to politely share and I snarf one of her P&J sandwiches out of her hand - obviously she meant it for me, I just sped up the process. YUM!

After many waits, Sharon finally has had enough self-abuse (she walks real funny now) and rides with us back to the motel so I can eat my long overdue dinner. Too small as usual. Sunday, Dave walks off with his kayak and Sharon & I spend the afternoon napping in the shade. Not a bad way to spend a hot day.

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  1. I love how you show our world from Annie's point of view. I'm sure Loki conceptualizes the world as a series of crates we all stay in...we travel from crate to crate in a rolling crate. And periodically we leave all the crates behind to run in the open! Whew!