Monday, April 19, 2010

Trial and Error

Wow, what a great weekend! It's been really busy, and I've been catching up on my beauty rest. But, I've recovered somewhat, so here's what happened on Saturday.

Sharon and I got up really, really early on Saturday morning. Normally, Sharon gets up early, and I do say 'Good Morning' to her, but then I go back to sleep. Why be in such a rush when the sun hasn't even come up yet? But on Saturday, Sharon insisted that we not go back to bed. She even inticed me to stay up by getting my breakfast ready. I like to sleep, but I like breakfast better.

Next thing I know, we're going to class. At least, the same place where class is every week. Only today, there are lots more cars, people, strange dogs, and all this stuff around. It was really interesting to sniff. There was even lots of food buried in all the stuff. But Sharon wouldn't let me try to find any. If I did find food, I would have shared with Sharon. But, I guess she just wasn't that interested.

Sharon leads me to the crate were I've been getting my breakfasts and dinners. I like that crate! It's got really good smells, like breakfast and dinner smells. I was wondering were it went last night and this morning. And here it is!!!

Sharon comes and goes. I don't like it when she leaves me, even though I'm in my crate. I'm always watching for her, but I don't cry and bark like alot of the other dogs there. They are annoying.

Soon though, Sharon and I go into the ring. That's where all the obstacles are that I've been practicing on. Sharon is really excited and so am I. I like it when she's happy, and she seems really happy right now. Next thing I know, she starts running. Of course I have to follow her. She gives me commands to jump and crawl through tunnels. It was so much fun!

After my last jump, Sharon starts to cheer. So does everyone else outside the ring. I get really excited! Everyone seems really happy, so I'm happy! But then, it gets even better. Sharon grabs this small container and opens it for me. WOW, that stuff smelled GREAT! And it tasted even better. It was like mixing breakfast, dinner, eating goose poop, running through the woods, and chasing squirrels into a small container kinda good. I must have been a really, really good dog to get this kind of good stuff. I hope she give me more soon.

I spend more time in my crate. Okay, I spend alot of time in my crate. But Sharon is with me most of the time so that's okay. It think it would have been better if she were in the crate with me, but it's kinda small in here and Sharon would complain.

I go into the ring 3 more times that day. Each time, we have to wait for a little bit outside the ring for the other dogs to finish. That's okay, though, because Sharon and I play and she gives me treats. Other nice people also pet me. I especially like it when they scratch my butt. I thought that only Sharon knew how to scratch my butt just right, but these other people are doing it, too. Sharon must have taught them.

Every time I finish, Sharon gives me that great treat. I love that treat! She even gives it to me after the run where I knocked down a jump bar. Although, I think that was Sharon's fault. I mean, she called out my name right before I made the jump! That was silly of her. She apologized for it later.

I had a great day! Sharon said she had a fun day, too. She even got those 'Q's that she was talking about earlier. She showed them to me. I still don't know what the big deal is. I mean, they are just pieces of ribbon that don't smell or taste any good. Definately not as good as that treat she kept giving me.

I hope we go to another trial soon. It was fun. And I really hope I get more of that treat!


  1. I only saw one of the runs but you (and Sharon) did great! Good running, good handling, good teamwork. What more can you ask for?

  2. Congrats Annie and Sharon! What did you Q in?
    Glad you got lots of goodies, Annie!

  3. We Q'ed in Jumpers, Standard, and Wildcard. We missed the Q in Fullhouse by 1 second. I (Sharon) was over-ambitious in planning out the run, and then poorly executed it! Bad entry angles onto obstacles and confusing signals for Annie. But, live and learn. Annie didn't really care! I'm glad we both had a good time.

  4. Where was this trial at? We were at the AKC trial this weekend with Sagira in Zanesville.

    By the way, this is Christina (volunteer with Louisville Weim Rescue) :)