Wednesday, April 14, 2010

An Even Exchange

So, after Sharon gets home, we go out for our usual excusion around town. Today is a special treat since I get to RUN with her. I usually just run with Dave; Sharon only likes to walk with me after work since she runs on what they call a treadmill in the morning. I've seen one on TV - it's like a moving belt that humans "run" on. It sounds stupid. I mean, it's not like you're going anywhere! And you certainly can't sniff anything interesting on a treadmill.

Anyways, we head out to the Grandview bike path, a short abandoned stretch of bike path along the Scioto river. I like going there. One time, I even caught a bird! Even Sharon was impressed. But then she made me drop it and walk away. A perfectly good bird, that I caught!!! And we just left it there . . . man, I tell you, humans just don't get it!

So, we run along the bike path. I haven't been there in a while so I have alot of sniffing to catch up on. I even meet some nice men taking their boats out of the river when I get a drink. On our way back to the car, Sharon and I take a quick detour to visit a pond. I get a drink, but go further in the water to investigate some green plants (Sharon later tells me that they are called water lilies). Sharon wonders what I'm doing, since I'm so deep I'm almost swimming! I just wanted to see what those big leaves were like. They're crunchy! Sharon laughs, but I don't understand what's so funny.

On our way home, Sharon stops by a sandwich shop and gets food. But she doesn't share any with me. She says that this is HER dinner and that mine coming, as soon as we get home. I hope we get there soon. I'm hungry.

FINALLY, I get my dinner. Tonight it's crunchy food with chopped chicken mixed in. I love dinner! It's my favorite time of day. Okay, it's tied with breakfast time.

Afterwards, Sharon gives my my rawhide. But I'm still hungry. I don't think Dave or Sharon feed me enough. Sharon's eating something that looks way better than my rawhide. It's that sandwich she got earlier. She didn't share any with me on the drive home. Maybe she'll share now. You never know until you ask.

I always ask nicely. I just sit quietly and give her the eyes. You know, the EYES. It works everytime. It's a secret thing that only us dogs know how to do. Well, Sharon is being stubborn and is not sharing. So, I take it to the next level. I pick up my rawhide (already pre-soften, I'm considerate that way) and graciously set in down in front of her. That's fair.

That did it. She's such a sucker. She gave me the rest of her sandwich! It was only okay, though, since it didn't have any meat in it. But, she doesn't touch my rawhide. Well, there's no point in wasting a perfectly good rawhide. So I took it back. Sharon says I'm an Indian Giver. But she didn't want it!

I finished the rawhide - it was really good. I think Sharon regretted not taking the rawhide when it was offered to her. But, she refused it - I can't help that! I think I'm a pretty smart dog. After all, today I got a sandwich AND I got to finish my rawhide. A good day!


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging Weimaraners, Annie!
    Keep up the good work and post photos often...

    Sararenee, Sylvie, Vera, Neva, Hanna, Flynn, and Zig

  2. GREAT pictures! Nice blog layout. We're all in the blogging world now, when even dogs get in!


  3. Welcome to blog world Annie. :)