Thursday, April 15, 2010

Who says you can't teach an old dog?

Not like I'm old or anything. I'm a very sprite 6 and a half. At least that's what the nice folks in the white coats said before I found my new home. I haven't confirmed or denied anything. Afterall, a lady never gives away her age!

In any case, last night Sharon and Dave took me to class again. I only go with Sharon most weeks, but she talks Dave into going tonight. I love class. Maybe not as much as chasing squirrels, and definately not as much as dinner, but it's still alot of fun. And I get to show off in front of other dogs. And I also get spend time with the best human in the whole world. And I get lots of treats for doing really easy things, like jumping around, following Sharon, and crawling through tubes. There are other things I have to do, like walk around these poles set up in a straight line. Like, what's the point in that?!? But, Sharon always gets really excited when I do it, and I get lots of treats. So, whatever!

Last night's class was hard. At least, that's what Sharon said to Dave when class was over. I thought it was fun!! I also thought it was funny when Sharon almost fell - twice! But I wouldn't have laughed at her. Now, I might have gone over to lick her, nose her hand, and maybe even sneak some treats from her bag when she wasn't looking. But not laughed (besides, I don't think dogs can laugh anyways).

We did lots of turning and jumping, especially lots of tight turns. Sharon complained lot about that. I could tell she was getting nervous about this weekend. We have a trial on Saturday. Basically, it's just like class except there alot of strange dogs and people. And everyone is walking around with food, but they are not giving any to me!

Sharon and I have been to one trial before, and I was kinda nervous. Mostly because Sharon was being a real nut case!! All the hand wringing and nerves. It was stressing me out! I tried to tell her to take a chill pill, but she can get wound pretty tight sometimes. Even though we have fun in class, I didn't want to go into the ring at the trial. Sharon was acting weird, and I thought I was doing something wrong. But, things got better by the end of that trial, and our last run was just like class, and I had fun again!

So, I'm trying to tell Sharon that we're going to have fun again on Saturday. She's all worried about getting these things called "Q"'s, whatever they are. All I know is that those Qs don't give me anymore kibble or rawhides, and they're not anywhere as good as running in the woods or chasing geese. So, I just don't think they are all that important. But like I said, humans are weird!!

I'll let you know how Saturday goes. In the meantime, there's a bowl of food with my name on it! Gotta go!


  1. Annie, tell Sharon it is not about the Q's right now. It is about establishing a solid background with you having even more fun than at class. BTW, I'm sure she has a special rawhide for you when you finish running.....Pam

    Roady says to tell her to take all of the special treats you really like, buy a jar of meat baby food, mix them all together, put them back in the jar or a couple of small containers so that when you are leaving the ring you can slurp out all of the goodies as you are walking back to your crate. He loves that so much he can't wait to run!

  2. Where is your trial at? We will be at the AKC trial in Zanesville on Saturday and Sunday.

    And yes... "q"s are nice, but it is all about learning and having fun when your a novice dog. :)

  3. Hi Sagira - Our trial is here in Columbus, at the BRAG facility on the westside. It's a CPE trial. So far we've only done CPE competitions. Good luck at your trial this weekend!

    And THANKS Roady for the treat tip!! I'm giving Sharon the EYES right now so she goes out to get those treats tonight. Now, I really can't wait to run tomorrow!

  4. The Weims LOVE agility class- even Neva, who is brand new to agility! Good luck at your CPE trial!